Friday, 29 May 2015

Exam Fever

Assalamualaikum and Hi!
Wow seriously lama aku tak update blog ni. Like seriously. It`s been a looooooooooooooong time. Hahaha. So now aku dah Tahun ke 2, sem ke 2 di UKM still in the same course (fighthing!). Yah, banyak perkara yang aku dah lalui sepanjang tempoh aku tak update blog ni. But hey good news, next sem aku would be going to Singapore for 1 sem (Aug-Dec 2015). Yah, Im still shocked. First time bila dapat tahu from emai yang NUS (National University of Singapore) e-mailed me cakap congrats for been awarded with TEMASEK LEADESHIP Programme I was very happy and I didn`t expecting for that. Ya Allah I never dream about it. Sebab masa nak isi application tu banyak benda kena isi itu ini and essays. This post I would like to say THANK YOU to my beloved family especially to my only mother for ur prayers, to my sister Mazuin" you helped me a lot especially in essays writing". You are SUPERB! For my sister Fatin and my brother in law Abg Muaz for your guidence and support. Thank You! To my Sayang Zulhaqqim, thanks for always be there through thick and thin. Helped me to send the application form bila bekalan electricity kat college putus. PHEW! Thanks babe. <3 nbsp="" p="">

I asked my Lord, is this my journey? Am I doing a right thing? Lord help me! I need to extend my study which 4 years + 1sem. and I`m gonna facing many problem after Im coming back to Malaysia. I asked a few lecturers about my problem, they encouraged me and told that it was okay if you extend your study for your own good. I take that at positive side. I would be missing my friend, my abang sayang. Yelah walaupun sometimes aku suka buat silly jokes. Contoh macam, Oh! nanti I balik dari oversea I xnak la makan nasi, eww sambal belacan? apa tu?? hahaha ! saja suka menyakat. He know me very well. Eventhough kami kuat argue but then we never hated too much! It have been 1 yearalmost 5 months together. I hope your will be my DESTINY :)

TET!!.. Next!

Okay! Sudah-sudah sedih, jiwang and semua duniawi ituhhhh. Kembali kepada EXAM FEVER. what WHAT! Like-seriously-UKM-tak-ada-studyweek?! what WHAATTTTTTTT??? Cool gila UKM buat student die rasa macam nak huru hara with all presentations, assignments x100. Ni pun tengah siapkan tugasan Prof Manisah. P/S doakan Prof Manisah getting better from Dengue. She look firm, but I know deeply in her heart she was kind hearted because she want us to be somebody. I dont know, why suddenly I feeling sad right now. *currently lisning to Spotify (Peaceful Piano Album`s).

Alright, seems tomorrow I got poster presentation about student`s learning styles. So I need to have a rest now. Pepol pelis peray fo my sukses yokei! I love you. Forgive my mistakes, may Allah grant us Jannah. Ameeen! See you there! Assalamualaikum... xoxo