Thursday, 24 September 2015

National University of Singapore (NUS)- 1 semester

Assalamualaikum guys, dah sebulan 27 hari (58 hari) aku kat Singapore!! Alhamdulillah. 
Jadi objektif post kali ni aku nak share mengenai:-
1) Pengalaman kat NUS/Singapore
- Volunteer work
- TF LEaRN programme
2) My Hostel at Residential College 4 (RC4)
3) Kelas and modules aku ambil kat NUS

Alhamdulillah at 29 July 2015 I already arrived at Singapore. It`s took 4-5 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Thanks to my family who sent me here and Iam really excited to be here as TF LEaRN-er programme and a bit afraid of my bad English. haha. So correct me if I do some grammar mistakes. It is ok we learn from mistake right. At first my expectation here at NUS really high, as I know that NUS is one of the TOP UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD. I cannot imagine I am here as an exchange student for one semester. What can I say to you guys, they are really really really hard-working like there is no tomorrow. For me it is good to put your studies first but it is not good if you don`t have social life. But some of them "work hard, play hard", they good at both! haha. When I came here I thought it will be my HONEYMOON year. 1month here I still though it is my honeymoon year until a week before recess week begin. Now my recess week begin and I am now realize it is already 1 month I have been here! like OMG what did I do along this time from 1 st day I come until now. I didn`t study hard, I play too much and waste my time with something else instead of study. Is it good to think like this? or, my brain is getting infected with "NUS" lifestyle (24 hours study, if don`t u will feel bad). I should really need to plan something. On recess week I did do some volunteer work at Science Centre at Jurong East. So far I did finished 10 hours of volunteer work. To be honest, we need to complete 15 hours volunteer work. haha. That is why im doing a volunteer work. LOL. Eh, but I also that type of person who loves volunteer work okehh! 1st day as a volunteer at Science centre I conducted an activities such as "fingerprint dusting" and also "balancing butterfly". Later I will explain it to you ok, and the other day I`m doing an admin work like I need to key in the data from the form into excel. So both I already complete 10 hours of volunteer work. I learned something new like how to "attract" kids to do your activities, how to explain to them on what is happening, how to cheer them up like give them to bring back the butterfly to home and show it to your friends your magic trick and also I learn to practice speak simple word Chinese that I had learned at NUS to the parents too! Like, xiexie-bukeqi, zaijian, ni hao etc.